Say goodbye to the traditional, linear, sequential, three-stage life

Welcome to nonlinear living!

In the era of the 100-year life and exponential change, there's a different way to navigate life's uncertainties - stress free!

  • Are you struggling to navigate uncertainty in your career, business, or personal life?
  • Tired of hearing the same old outdated advice about career paths and life choices?
  • Had enough of cookie cutter approaches to entrepreneurship?
  • Ever felt you were right back where you started, despite all the "best" advice?

Think Like a Beringian offers you 21 timeless principles to help you build a nonlinear mindset for thriving in the world of uncertainty - at any stage of life.

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  • A professional looking to advance your career in an uncertain job market
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  • Facing a major life transition or personal crisis
  • A student preparing for an uncertain future
  • An innovator seeking to create new solutions in uncertain environments
  • Seeking to develop a nonlinear mindset to help build a portfolio lifestyle

In just 50 short pages, I've learned more about how to thrive in the world of uncertainty than anything else out there. I just wish there were a hardcover version of this - this book is for life!

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